Class IndexedDelay

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    public class IndexedDelay
    extends Object
    implements Delay
    A index based implementation of Delay. By being configurable through an injected function, callers can implement customs backoff algorithms.
     import ratpack.exec.ExecResult;
     import ratpack.exec.Promise;
     import ratpack.exec.util.retry.AttemptRetryPolicy;
     import ratpack.exec.util.retry.RetryPolicy;
     import ratpack.exec.util.retry.IndexedDelay;
     import ratpack.test.exec.ExecHarness;
     import java.time.Duration;
     import java.util.Arrays;
     import java.util.LinkedList;
     import java.util.List;
     import java.util.concurrent.atomic.AtomicInteger;
     import static org.junit.jupiter.api.Assertions.assertEquals;
     public class Example {
       private static final List<String> LOG = new LinkedList<>();
       public static void main(String... args) throws Exception {
         AtomicInteger source = new AtomicInteger();
         RetryPolicy retryPolicy = AttemptRetryPolicy.of(b -> b
           .delay(IndexedDelay.of(i -> Duration.ofMillis(500).multipliedBy(i)))
         ExecResult<Integer> result = ExecHarness.yieldSingle(exec ->
             .mapIf(i -> i < 3, i -> { throw new IllegalStateException(); })
             .retry(retryPolicy, (i, t) -> LOG.add("retry attempt: " + i))
         assertEquals(Integer.valueOf(3), result.getValue());
         assertEquals(Arrays.asList("retry attempt: 1", "retry attempt: 2"), LOG);
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      • of

        public static IndexedDelay of​(Function<? super Integer,​Duration> indexedDelay)
        Builds an index based delay.
        indexedDelay - a function expecting a retry attempt and returning the delay duration
        an indexed delay
      • delay

        public Promise<Duration> delay​(Integer attempt)
        Builds a promise wrapping a duration that will instruct the caller how long to wait between retries.
        Specified by:
        delay in interface Delay
        attempt - current retry attempt to provide sophisticated delay strategies
        a promise wrapping a duration that will instruct the caller how long to wait between retries.