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    public interface RockerRenderer
    extends Renderer<com.fizzed.rocker.RockerModel>
    A renderer for Rocker templates.

    Rocker works by compiling templates into Java classes that extends RockerModel. Compiling the templates is a build time concern and not handled by this runtime library. Please consult Rocker's documentation regarding build tool plugins for Rocker.

    To render a Rocker template, simply create an instance of the corresponding RockerModel class and pass to Context.render(Object).

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      static Renderer<com.fizzed.rocker.RockerModel> create()
      Creates a Renderer or RockerModel objects.
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        static Renderer<com.fizzed.rocker.RockerModel> create()
        Creates a Renderer or RockerModel objects.
        a Renderer or RockerModel objects.