Interface RequestOutcome

    • Method Detail

      • getRequest

        Request getRequest()
        The request.
        the request
      • getResponse

        SentResponse getResponse()
        The response.
        the response
      • getSentAt

        Instant getSentAt()
        The time at when this request was dealt with from the application's point of view.

        After this instant, it may have taken further time to actually get the response bytes to the client. That is, this timestamp effectively denotes when application processing of the request finished.

        the instant at which the response was sent
      • getDuration

        default Duration getDuration()
        The amount of elapsed time between Request.getTimestamp() and getSentAt().

        This is the wall clock time, not the CPU time. It does not include the time taken to send the response bytes to the client.

        how long it took to process the request