Version 1.7.0

Released on 2019-07-14.

Ratpack 1.7.0 is now available! This release adds support of idle timeouts when using connection pooling in HttpClient, an improved Promise.retry interface, a few dependency updates, deprecation of the ratpack-pac4j, ratpack-rx, and ratpack-thymeleaf modules and other improvements and bug fixes.

The following core dependencies have been upgraded:

The idle timeout for Ratpack's HttpClient can now be configured using the HttpClientSpec.idleTimeout method. Specifying a non-zero value for this timeout will allow Ratpack to close unused connections.

The new Promise.retry method provides a mechanism for encoding complex retry logic in Promise behavior. With the addition of this method, the previous retry methods have been deprecated.

Ratpack will now use the native OpenSSL libraries if available on the runtime system.

The new MockApi and HandlerFactory classes provided additional fixtures for writing tests for Ratpack applications. Combined with a mocking framework such as Spock, they allow for declaring remote API behaviors for an application, inline to a test.

As of this release the ratpack-pac4j library that is released as part of this project is officially deprecated and will be removed in Ratpack 2.0. Support for the latest version of Pac4j are provided via the ratpack-pac4j module maintained by the Pac4j team.

As of this release the ratpack-rx and ratpack-thymeleaf libraries that are released as part of this project are officially deprecated and will be removed in Ratpack 2.0. Users should migrate to the ratpack-rx2 and ratpack-thymeleaf3 libraries.

There are also many other new convenience methods, bug fixes and generally cool stuff added in this release. Thanks to all who contributed.

We hope you enjoy Ratpack 1.7.


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