Version 1.6.0-rc-3

Released on 2018-12-19.

These are the release notes for a Ratpack 1.6.0 release candidate. Please see the pending release notes for the final release for the complete list of closed issues.

This third release candidate of Ratpack 1.6 fixes: * #1424, optimize transmitting files * #1423, Response finalizers cannot be added when streaming or sending files * Removes the deprecation from TypedData.getBytes() and fixes the implementation to return only valid bytes from the buffer. Removes the previously added TypedData.copyBytes() method, removes the deprecation from TypedData. * Handle closed connections when streaming responses. * Adds support forKQueue` transport in Netty * Update to Netty 4.1.32.FINAL * Update to Jackson 2.9.8 * Update to Snakeyaml 1.23

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