Version 1.3.0

Released on 2016-04-19.

Learning Ratpack”, the impending and definitive resource for those wanting to dig deeper into Ratpack, will be based on 1.3.

In addition to internal performance improvements and bug fixes, this release updates dependency versions and adds several new features.

The following dependencies have been updated:

This release also adds a dependency on Caffeine 2.2.6, a high performance caching library.

The new include() method in the Groovy script DSL allows conveniently composing an application out of discrete scripts.

The new Promise.time() method allows recording how long it takes to produce a promised value, while the new Promise.close() method makes it more convenient dispose of a resource used to produce a promised value. The Promise.of() and Promise.ofLazy() methods have been deprecated in this release, replaced with Promise.async() and Promise.sync() respectively.

The ratpack.server.Service type has been deprecated in favor of the new ratpack.service.Service type. Additionally, it is now possible to accurately order dependent services via the new DependsOn and ServiceDependencies classes. Ratpack now starts and stops services in parallel, respecting dependencies.

This release also restores support for Gradle's continuous build, with Gradle 2.13 and on.

Breaking Changes

The default health check renderer now emits a 503 status code if any check was unhealthy.

The Promise.wiretap() method was fixed to also capture failure results.

The serialized session form has changed in this release. This may cause session reads to fail for cookies that were set with earlier Ratpack versions. Future versions of Ratpack will handle this situation more gracefully. Please see issue #945 for the status of this issue, and workarounds that can be applied in the meantime.

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