Version 0.9.8

Released on 2014-09-01.

August has been a bumper month for Ratpack. Many cool new features and improvements have landed.

There are two big breaking changes in this release. The reloadable property of LaunchConfig has been renamed to development to more accurately reflect its purpose. Secondly, Jeff Beck completed the epic task of migrating the existing TestHttpClient to be based on Ratpack's own HttpClient where it was previous based on the RestAssured. This allows a similar API to be used when performing HTTP requests inside your app and when testing your app with a HTTP client. It also moves the HttpTestClient from the ratpack-groovy-test to ratpack-test module as it no longer uses Groovy. If you require any assistance dealing with these breaking changes, please ask for help via the forum.

An exciting new improvement is what we term “dangling request detection”. If you've ever written a handler and forgotten to call or another handler termination method you have experienced a dangling request. Previously, if a handler didn't render to the response or pass control to another handler (e.g. via the request would go unhandled and eventually timeout. This no longer happens. If a handler doesn't respond or pass on control, an error will be raised terminating the response (with a 500). In development mode, the response will identify the faulty handler that can then be fixed. This is a big improvement to the development cycle.

Much work has also been done on streaming data, making use of the emerging Reactive Streams standard as the basis of the API. See our the new “Streams” chapter of the manual for more information.

Thanks to all who contributed code, issues and ideas to Ratpack 0.9.8. We hope you enjoy it.

-- Team Ratpack.

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