Version 0.9.7

Released on 2014-08-01.

July has been a bumper month for Ratpack!

First of all, welcome to our latest committer Dan Hyun who has already made a significant number of contributions from Windows development improvements, ensuring onClose events are fired when file rendering and some refactorings.

21 issues have been closed and there has been a massive 18 pull requests from 7 different contributors including:

This release contains a breaking change which is an id change for the Gradle plugins to be Gradle Plugin Portal compatible. This means that the ratpack plugin is now io.ratpack.ratpack-java and ratpack-groovy is io.ratpack.ratpack-groovy.

Reactive Streams integration continues and the API in this area is now reaching a stable point. See this test for a sneak peak.

A very useful contribution was the addition of support for Groovy's new “markup” based templating system, contributed by core Groovy developer Cédric Champeau. This new templating approach is faster and more convenient than Ratpack's existing Groovy template support, which embeds snippets of Groovy code in text files, opposed to building the content programmatically as the new “markup” templates do. See the templates for the example-books project for examples.

A big thank you also to John Engelman who added very cool Gradle build time integration with his “Shadow” plugin for creating fat jars. Creating fat jars for deployment is now much faster, and far more configurable thanks to John's excellent plugin. John even added some documentation on the integration to the manual.

More work has also gone into the Ratpack manual. In particular, we have added some information on how Ratpack compares to other tools for creating web apps. Improving Ratpack documentation is a priority for us and expect to see some significant improvements in this area.

Big thanks also to Lari Hotari and Ratpack team members Jeff Beck and Rob Fletcher who all presented Ratpack talks at Gr8Conf US and set Twitter buzzing.

Last but not least, Rob Fletcher has printed up some sweet Ratpack stickers that he gave out during Gr8Conf. If you'd like to print your own and help spread the word, the graphic used can be used with sticker services such as Stickerhub.

-- Team Ratpack

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