Version 0.9.18

Released on 2015-06-30.

A major focus of this release was preparing for the pending 1.0 release, primarily in terms of smoothing out some public API.

Work continued on the new session support including more convenient API for single session operations, and extra cookie configuration options.

The Chain API was given a bit of a refresh with some methods renamed and docs improved. What was previously the handler() is now called all(). The assets() has also been replaced with files().

The Pac4j support has been completely rewritten. Please see the RatpackPac4j class.

Dave Syer kindly contributed improved integration with Spring Boot. Please see the manual documentation for more info.

David Estes also released support for using the Asset Pipeline tool with Ratpack. Please see the manual documentation for more info. The site itself is now using the Asset Pipeline integration.

This release also includes fixes and improvements to SSL handling, request logging, compressed responses with the HTTP client, the context registry, Netty configuration and more.

Thanks also to João Cabrita, Kyle Boon, Vadi Kumar for their contributions.

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Resolved Issues (22)