Version 0.9.16

Released on 2015-04-29.

The 0.9.16 release is the release of dependency upgrades! Pretty much all of the dependencies that Ratpack and its modules have are now upgraded to their latest versions. This includes Groovy, Reactive Streams, RxJava, Hystrix, Pac4j, Jackson, Handlebars......

As well as the dependency upgrades there has been some other good stuff going on too.

The format of the built-in metric names has changed and you can now "collapse" metrics into groups based on regular expressions. For example, instead of reporting metrics for book.1.update.get-requests, book.2.update.get-requests etc, you could group them to report as update.get-requests. You can see an example of how to do this in example-books. New count metrics have also been added for response status codes and metric filtering has been extended to the websocket reporter.

The session storage api is now async, which clears the path to integrating with new stores in the future such has Hazlecast and Redis. A cookie based session store has also been added as an alternative to the memory based one.

Also of note, startup and shutdown services are now asynchronous and health checks now have access to the registry.

There were also great contribution from Robert Zakrzewski (cookie session support, Javascript warning fix), Steve Anderson (documentation improvements), Tom Akehurst (Thymeleaf template fragment support), Danny Kirchmeier (Csv metric reporter improvements)

We hope you enjoy this Ratpack release.

-- Team Ratpack

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