Version 0.9.12

Released on 2014-12-31.

The first release of 2015.

As always there are some internal performance and efficiency improvements, making Ratpack leaner and meaner at runtime. There are also some new features and improvements, and new initiatives started.

The Jackson integration got some love in this release, including new features and documentation.

The new RenderableDecorator feature allows objects to be modified/decorated/intercepted just before they are rendered. The initial target use case for this feature is to support implicitly adding objects to view models.

Work is continuing on support for client side sessions, which should wrap up in the next release. As is the work for direct response streaming with the HTTP client (e.g. to support proxying other HTTP servers without reading the proxied response into memory).

There are some breaking changes to the Groovy support in this release. All of the templating related classes have been moved into the one ratpack.groovy.template package. Moreover, some classes that are rarely used directly have been renamed.

A big thanks to Rob Fletcher and Robert Zakrzewski for contributions to Ratpack's own build. Thank you also to Glenn Saqui for a bunch of contributions, and the promise of more in the future!

This release included moving from Netty 4.0.x to 4.1.x. Unfortunately, a non snapshot version of the Netty version we required (4.1.0.Beta4) was not available at the time of Ratpack 0.9.12's release. This means that 0.9.12 ships with a dependency on a snapshot version of Netty. We apologise for this serious inconvenience. Netty 4.1.0.Beta4 should be released before too long, upon which it is recommended to use it. You may want to consider not adopting Ratpack 0.9.12 due to this, and instead wait for 0.9.13 which will be released on the 1st of February.

We hope you enjoy this version of Ratpack.


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